Aug 31

I know it’s been a while since I was active on this site but I have been busy and I’m still busy with work and everyday life.

But don’t worry, we’re still working hard to finish the album ”Verse 2 Verse” with Wildelux.

We thought the album was going to be completed and released this year but unfortunately it might be a bit delayed due to Wildelux has many projects he’s working on the side beside our project, family life and so on.

But we’re pushing forward. There’s not much left now so hopefully you will get to hear some new shit soon.

So while you are waiting, to shorten the time, I have uploaded a new free beat called Forsaken that you can sink your teeth into!



Mar 25

Here’s a new single from Jonas Escobars featuring Ture Butler.

It’s a song about how mankind have become almost zombie-like slaves to our high-tech society, and sometimes you just want to log out/disconnect yourself from all the bullshit.

The song is produced by yours truly: Marc Swing


Dec 04

Here’s a little sneak preview and the first single from the upcoming album ”Verse 2 Verse” with Wildelux that will be released early in 2016.

The song is called ”Let’s Go” and talks about the stress, dangers, hate that a refugee has to go through when coming face to face with war and leaving a place they have always known, to venture off into the unknown.

The beat provides a dramatic soundscape while Wildelux takes you on a detailed journey of a refugee.

You can find the video under the ”VIDEO” section.

The video is edited by: Wildelux and the song is produced, mixed and mastered by yours truly: Marc Swing


Nov 25


Yes, I’m back with a new website, new design and a new fresh start!

A big thank you to Dennis Solding for helping me make this new website, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you!

A lot has happened behind the scenes. My buddy Wildelux swung by Sweden in October when he was out touring, so we had a good chance to record some video and take photos along with Black Fist.

We also had time to plan and work hard on some final details for the album ”Verse 2 Verse”, which we are moving full speed ahead to complete. A little sneak peek will come soon so just hold on.


It’s the late 90s and Swedish hiphop travels from the basement to the rooftop.

A time of Crisp Beats, Conscious lyrics and street integrity.
That’s when this young musical prodigy takes his first steps into the game.

His name, Marc Swing. It all starts in the basement at a friends house.

Cassette’s, Vinyl, a mic, a paper and a pencil, The basic items plus an occasional beer.
After rapping over instrumentals and looped intro’s on the ”99 tapes” its time to take it one step further, to the computer.

Time passes, equipment is updated and beats are being conducted and polished with psychotic perfection.
Now ten years later, the ”Marc Swing” sound has developed into a grimy, at the same time crystal clear, almost nostalgic vibe.

Every ”Marc Swing beat” is more of a state of mind rather then a musical composition.


  • Propellerhead Reason 9
  • Wavelab 6


  • Akai MPK 61
  • Zoom UAC-2
  • Behringer Truth B1031A
  • MXL 990
  • T.Bone Micscreen
  • JB Systems T3
  • Numark DM 1050







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