Here’s a little sneak preview and the first single from the upcoming album ”Open Letters” with Wildelux that will be released early in 2016.

The song is called ”Let’s Go” and talks about the stress, dangers, hate that a refugee has to go through when coming face to face with war and leaving a place they have always known, to venture off into the unknown.

The beat provides a dramatic soundscape while Wildelux takes you on a detailed journey of a refugee.

You can find the video under the VIDEO section.

The video is edited by: Wildelux and the song is produced, mixed and mastered by yours truly: Marc Swing




Yes, I’m back with a new website, new design and a new fresh start!

A big thank you to Dennis Solding for helping me make this new website, it’s been a pleasure doing business with you!

Make sure to contact him if you need help with a website, etc.

A lot has happened behind the scenes. My buddy Wildelux swung by Sweden in October when he was out touring, so we had a good chance to record some video and take photos along with Black Fist.

We also had time to plan and work hard on some final details for the album ”Open Letters”, which we are moving full speed ahead to complete. A little sneak peek will come soon so just hold on.