I’m still here!

september 8th, 2015

No I’m not dead!

I’ve been busy producing this new album with Wildelux which is nearly finished.
And i saw this crazy movie from France a while ago with this cool accordion scene and i just knew that i have to fuck around with it.

So until further notice so let’s celebrate with a freshly baked free beat called Holy Motors!
(Yes i know it’s a famous movie but i simply couldn’t resist haha)


Marc Swing – Holy Motor [FREE BEAT]




New Logo!

februari 24th, 2015

Thought it was time to refresh myself a little and fix me a new logo.
Big up to my friend Jonas Engholm who helped me designed my new awesome logo!






I’m Back!

januari 27th, 2014

The website has unfortunately been down for a while due to the change of server.

But now I’m back, and everything is up and running.




New Free Beat!

december 28th, 2013

It’s been a while since i posted a new free beat on this website so let’s celebrate Christmas with a new free beat, Merry Christmas!


Marc Swing – Cold Winter [FREE BEAT]




2 New Singles

september 3rd, 2013

”Moment – 7 Days A Week” andPap & Emblem – Ännu En” from the  Malmö United Mixtape 2013

Produced by yours truly: Marc Swing.


Moment – 7 Days A Week

Pap & Emblem – Ännu En




Here We Go Again!

juli 23rd, 2012

A new banger with my man Wildelux!

The song  is called ”The Next Chapter” So turn up the volume and bump this shit!

Produced, mixed and mastered by yours truly: Marc Swing.


Wildelux – The Next Chapter




Welcome To My New Website!

december 1st, 2010

First of all BIG UP to Leontin and Adam for this awesome website!

And I know it’s been a while since i released a free beat so let’s celebrate the new website with a hot new free beat called Dark Rose.


Marc Swing – Dark Rose [FREE BEAT]